Founded by the Chinese Kuomintang (KMT), “Modern China” Magazine (which ran from March 1977 until December 2005) is well-known for its coverage of Chinese Republican history, archives of Revolutionary Martyrs and Revolutionary documents of China. Compared to other academic journals of its kind which mainly focus on discourse and comment, Modern China unveiled the first-hand raw materials of the authorities at Kuomintang, revealing the “oral history” in the Republican period with exclusive archives.

Modern China is a full-text searchable database, which features many great themes on “ Taiwanese identities,” following the changes of governing parties, such as: Taiwan Retrocession and Wars, Taiwanese government-business relations in post-war era, political democratization in Taiwan, the development history of Taiwan, and so on.

This database consists of complete 163 issues, 4,902 articles, 48,200 figures, 38,000 institutions and historical events in its 29-year history. Modern China frequently sponsored and hosted international academic seminars. Its members and contributors were not limited to Taiwan but broadly came from Mainland China, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.



1977-2005, from the first issue to the last one, 157 issues completely included

● Founded by Party History Consociation of Kuomintang 

● Over 100-year records of the history of Republic of China, Revolutionary documents, Oral history

● Colour-scanned pictures within Exclusive archives and research papers

● 4,900 articles, 48,200 figures, 38,000 historical events & institutions

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