In late 20th century, “Lionart Monthly” was the most sought-after platform where many artists, critics, and intellectuals were enthusiastic to share their opinions through arts. This leading art magazine not only well documented people’s thought and reactions during and after the period of martial law (1949-1987), but it also had nurtured many art masters and influential figures in the fields of art and humanity in Greater China for 1/4 century.

Due to its unparalleled value, Lionart Digital Archive, the digital database of “Lionart Monthly, won the visual art funding provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. Meanwhile, it’s also shortlisted for “Digital Content Product Award by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2011. It collects 44 million characters, 30,000 articles/commentaries/albums, 68,000 pictures, 10,000 pages of rare, nostalgic advertisement, and 12,220 vocabulary entries. Most of them are exclusive historical documentaries on art developments in Taiwan.

Lionart Digital Archive contains complete 307 issues of “Lionart Monthly” Magazine, 3 classical bestsellers — “Chinese Art Dictionary, Western Art Dictionary” and Taiwanese Art Yearbook” — which are all integrated in Lionart Digital Archive for additional annotations and relevant supplements, including artists/reviewers/intellectuals’ brief biographies and chronicles.



● 1971-1996, from the first issue to the last one, 307 issues completely included.

● Well-documented Taiwanese Art History during & after the martial law period (1949-1987).

● Annotations in articles based on “Chinese Art Dictionary,” Western Art Dictionaryand “Taiwanese Art Yearbook.”

● 4,000 Chinese artists’ out-of-print works revive in digital form.

● 5 search interfaces based on your needs: Text, Layout design, Pictures, Text with pictures, and Text within the original layout. 

● 44 million characters, 30,000 articles, 68,000 pictures, 10,000 pages of nostalgic advertisement, and 12,220 vocabulary entries.

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