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Since 1997, UDP has dedicated to produce the high-quality digital archives within the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. We’re passionate about preserving the culture legacies digitally and sharing them globally. We offer comprehensive databases of Asian studies/sinology, starting from our central focus of Taiwan, Greater China to the key research issues that have been discussed by sinologists worldwide. Our academic team has been compiling various rare manuscripts and exclusive content, aiming for the best archive experience to support your researches without further travel.

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Taiwanese Humanities

Situated in the heart of Asia-Pacific area, Taiwan has the irreplaceable research value for the global sinology community. Based on Taiwanese scholars’ viewpoints, this series contains broad, diverse and penetrating insights about Chinese world, ranging from the ancient time to the contemporary China.

From 1928 to the present, it comprises most of the core journals of humanities and social sciences, exclusive classical magazines, archives and historical documents in Taiwan. You can investigate sinology and modern China deeper by understanding Taiwan.

Chinese Classics

Based on Taiwanese scholars’ open and inclusive perspectives, this series extends to the classical literatures within Chinese world, including China gazetteers, China bronze and stone rubbings collection, BiaoDian Gujin Tushu Jicheng, and the Chinese calligraphy and inscription collection. Established by the publishers from Taiwan, China and America, these databases contain exclusive content and unique features respectively. With the aid of digital technology, this series presents the magnificent spectacle of Chinese culture of thousands of years.


Global Think Tank

Besides the Humanities scholarship, this series expands to Social Sciences, including politics, military affairs, economics, law, society, diplomacy and international relations. Not only does it consist of renowned think tanks worldwide, but it also provides various materials of different languages, such as: Russian, German, Arabic, Ukrainian, among others. This series collects numerous significant newspapers and the first-hand research reports from great powers. Meanwhile, it also features many exclusive documents and literatures from Muslim, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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National Palace Museum Journals Archive is Online!

Over the past 12 months of preparations, the United Digital Publications proudly announce that the National Palace Museum Journals Archive is officially online! Over the past 20 years, National Palace Museum Journals Archive is globally recognized as the crown jewels of Sinology in Taiwan with Academia Sinica's journals. The  4-in-1 Archive inherits the full-text searchable feature and includes black-and-white to color picture functionality.

2021 AAS Annual Conference Came to an End Perfectly

Due to the pandemic, the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) suspended the annual conference last year. This year, AAS decided to rerun the annual conference during 21st to 26th March, but in an online way. With the rapid development of technology, the traditional exhibition turned out to be a virtual one, helping scholars all over the world exchange the latest knowledge on asian study. Of course, the United Digital Publications (UDP) is definitely not absent from the extremely important ceremony.

Taiwan Academic Classics – When Sinology Matches Tech!

The new "Taiwan Academic Classics" platform integrates the latest Elasticsearch and contemporary design concepts to modernize the Sinological culture's image giving ancient classics & manuscripts a brand new look. Not only does this increase search accuracy within the database, but it also provides a soothing experience while re-exploring the beauty of Sinology.


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