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Discover the Pearl of Sinology

Concept behind the logo design of UDP : The “blue sea” beneath signifies Taiwan’s characters as a maritime country-broad-minded, tolerant and flexible. Next, UDP’s Chinese title ”聯合百科” locates at the top, presented in the form of calligraphy which symbolizes our mission to promote Chinese culture. Finally, you can see the red pearl imbedded in “udp”, the abbreviation of our English title. It stands for our high-quality archives of Asian studies—the pearl of sinology. We hope you’ll enjoy our selections and explore more possibilities to enrich your researches with these cultural treasures.

UDP (United Digital Publications Co., Ltd.) was founded by senior publishers Steve Fan and Nancy Wuu in 1997. They have been devoted themselves to build professional and high-quality databases on humanities and social sciences over decades. UDP is well-known for its excellent search efficiency and exclusive content of each archive which always meets scholars’ expectations, such as : “BiaoDien Gujin Tushu Jicheng” (2003, the first pioneer version in the world), “Sinica Sinoweb” (2009, collaborate with Academia Sinica), and ”Belt and Road Initiative” (2017, franchised product from Social Sciences Academic Press, China) among others. UDP has been developing 30+ Chinese databases, processing 3 billion characters, trusted by 1000+ libraries and academic institutes of 26 countries from Asia, America, Europe and Oceania.

▶ In 2009, UDP collaborated with Academia Sinica to build up the sole Full-text and Full-image databases for《Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philosophy》and《Chinese Studies》(Taiwan National Central Library)—which is a huge breakthrough to digitize the rare pictograms on Chinese ancient manuscripts.

▶ In 2011, UDP awarded two vital subsidies from Taiwanese government because of the technological achievements on their innovative services: “Sinica Sinoweb” and “Lionart Digital Archive”.

▶ In 2015-2018, “Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archive”and “Taiwan Journals Search” launched. The former documents the history of modern China since 1962 to date, while the latter compiles 320+ top academic journals in Taiwan.

▶ In 2019, “Taiwan Academic Classics” (TAC) platform launched, which integrates 9 crucial databases, 2 billion characters, 100,000 dissertations. It comprises most of the core/notable journals of humanities and social sciences, exclusive classical magazines, archives and historical documents in Taiwan from 1928 to date. Researchers not only can do the ‘inter-database’ search to collect all relevant materials, but also can find the most accurate result by our keyword analysis.


Profession | Leading Databases of Humanities and Social Sciences


Ya!Read E-platform

supported by the concessional loan from Ministry of Culture of Taiwan


Archive of Classical Arts and Cultures Magazine

won 2 subsidies for innovative developments by Taipei City government


Lionart Digital Archive

won “Visual Arts” subsidy by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan in Taiwan


Sinica Sinoweb

won “National Digital Archives Program” subsidy by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan in Taiwan


Lionart Digital Archive

shortlisted for “Digital Content Award” by Industrial Development Bureau, Taiwan


Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection

shortlisted for “Digital Innovation Award” (Digital Publications category) by the Government Information Office, Taiwan


Taiwan Wenxian Congkan : Continuation

shortlisted for “ Golden Tripod Award ” (Digital Publications category) by the Government Information Office, Taiwan


Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology Academia Sinica Full-text Database

shortlisted for “Golden Tripod Award” (Digital Publications category) by the Government Information Office,Taiwan

Global Partners

North America—East View Information Services

Founded in 1989 at Minneapolis, East View is the leading provider of information products and services in native and translated languages, including Russian, Chinese, and Arabic databases, print periodicals, books and microforms.

UDP is their exclusive agency in Taiwan for the products below:

  • Russia and Eurasia Database : 48 exclusive online journal databases in English/Russian.

  • Cambridge Archive Edition (1841-1970) : The first-hand historical documents from Foreign and Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom.

  • VoxGov : US Federal Government News and 26 million official documents.

CHINA – Social Sciences Academic Press (China)

SSAP was established in 1985, belong to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)—one of the top think banks in Asia. SSAP is the award-winning publisher who specializes in digitizing academic journals and promoting their supreme products internationally.

UDP is their exclusive agency in Taiwan for the products below:

  • Belt and Road Initiative database : the best research platform to investigate the national strategies of contemporary China.

  • Pishu database : 6 collections of official research reports by CASS.

  • Countries, Regions and Global Governance database: Covering the international relations studies of each nation and the area studies across 5 continents.

CHINA – Centre of Ancient Documents Preservation at Gansu province

Founded in 1994, Centre of Ancient Documents Preservation at Gansu province is the multi-award winner for its devotion on preserving cultural relics and publishing ancient manuscripts.

UDP is their exclusive agency in Taiwan for the products below:

  • China Bronze and Stone Rubbings Collection : 51,800 exclusive bronze and rubbings from Gansu province. The collection keeps updating to date.

CHINA – Zhi Cheng Yue Pin

Based in Beijing, Zhi Cheng Yue Pin has been providing great academic resources to public libraries and universities in China since 2010. They are experienced in franchising excellent digital publications to meet the academic’s needs, such as: ancient documents, journals, e-book, etc.

Zhi Cheng Yue Pin is UDP’s general agency in China.