Taiwanese Humanities

Delve into Sinology deeply via Taiwan

This collection features the research outcome of Taiwanese Humanities, aiming for presenting the most inclusive viewpoints from the Taiwanese scholarship. From 1928 to the present, it comprises most of the core/notable journals of humanities and social sciences, exclusive classical magazines, archives and historical documents in Taiwan.

Chinese Classics

Gazetteers・Calligraphy・Imperial Encyclopaedia・
Bronze and Stone Rubbings・Contemporary Images of China

This series comprises the classical literatures of China, from archaeological materials to contemporary photography. It consists of UDP’s own products and the databases produced by our partners in China and USA as well.

Global Think Tank

From Great Powers to the Arcane of Muslim

Beyond humanities, this series expands further to Social Sciences, including politics, military affairs, economics, law, society, diplomacy and international relations. It consist of renowned think tanks worldwide, providing various materials of different languages, such as: Russian, German, Arabic, Ukrainian, etc.

This series also collects numerous significant newspapers, first-hand research reports from great powers, or exclusive documents and literatures from Muslim, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.