Great Powers, Eurasian Archives, Muslim

Besides the Humanities scholarship, this series expands to Social Sciences, including politics, military affairs, economics, law, society, diplomacy and international relations. Not only does it consist of renowned think tanks worldwide, but it also provides various materials of different languages, such as: Russian, German, Arabic, Ukrainian, among others. This series collects numerous significant newspapers and the first-hand research reports from great powers. Meanwhile, it also features many exclusive documents and literatures from Muslim, Eastern Europe and the Middle East that are hard to access elsewhere.

Integrate Best Think Tanks Across Continents.

YishuWiki: Global Art Repository

Global Census Archive (GCA)

Russia/Eastern Europe

The Chinese Soviet Republic Archive

South China Sea Island Disputes Archive

Cambridge Archive:
East Asia

Cambridge Archive:
America & Great Britain

Cambridge Archive:
Vietnam under French Rule, 1919-1946

Cambridge Archive:
Middle East


Middle East/Islamic Studies

Neues Deutschland

Asian Comprehensive Journals Database

The Japan News Digital Archive

The Rafu Shimpo

Pishu Database

Chinese Social Sciences Library

Countries, Regions
and Global Governance

Belt and Road Initiative Database