Delve into Sinology via Taiwan

Situated in the heart of Asia-Pacific area, Taiwan has the irreplaceable research value for the global sinology community. Based on Taiwanese scholars’ viewpoints, this series contains broad, diverse and penetrating insights about Chinese world, ranging from the ancient time to contemporary China.

From 1928 to the present, it comprises most of the core/notable journals of humanities and social sciences, exclusive classical magazines, archives and historical documents in Taiwan. You can investigate sinology and modern China deeper by understanding Taiwan. This collection features the research outcome of Taiwanese Humanities, aiming for presenting the most inclusive viewpoints from the Taiwanese scholarship.

Taiwan Academic Classics (TAC)

From 1928 to present, the inter-databases research platform which accommodates
exclusive content and the most extensive papers done by Taiwanese scholars.
(3.3 billion words, full-text searchable data within 10 acclaimed archives)

National Palace Museum
Journals Archive

The Crown Jewels of Sinology in Taiwan
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Independence Evening Post Digital Archive

Beacon of Taiwanese Democratic Politics in the Authoritarian Era

Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines

Milestone in public opinion forums across different generations

The Continent Magazine Archive

From China to Taiwan: Founded by the Luminaries of Academia Sinica
Sinology’s Global Voice Since 1950

Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archive

Exclusive folk legend, oral history by the witnesses since 1962
The must-read literature of the truth of Republic of China

Modern China Database

Exclusive historical documents, including 1911 Revolution, the birth of Republic of China

LionArt Digital Archive

Avant-garde thoughts from the West
Pioneer artists from Greater China for 25 years
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