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The database offers 80% more content than the National Palace Museum’s official site, with unique features like “AI Image Search”, “AI Colorization”, “ Full-Text Search Capabilities”, exclusive “Artifact Glossaries”, “Extended Video Viewing”, and 7 distinct “Reading Modes”. The “Image-to-Image Search” fosters a blend of Eastern and Western perspectives, unlocking unexpected research avenues, which is vital for humanities and arts enthusiasts.

Interestingly, a 1936 UK Royal Academy portrait showcases jade ornaments reminiscent of those favored by Song Dynasty women, prompting questions about Eastern influences on Western tastes. While Rodin’s 19th-century statue “The Thinker” and the 7th-century Tang Buddha differ in many ways, subtle similarities are evident. Similarly, Shen Zhou’s “Round Cat” in Ming Dynasty mirrored a contemporary Turkish painting, raising questions of influence. This database, exclusive in offering a full-text search, also boasts a 100,000-image library for expansive “Image Search” capabilities.

Since 1966, we’ve archived content from four notable core journals, including over 9,840 articles, 100,000 images, and 42,000 artifact glossaries. Beyond being a trove of Chinese treasures, this collection is a world-class resource promoting the “aesthetic economy.” Research related to the NPM spans various disciplines, enriching both theoretical and practical understanding.

This is the first time that National Palace Museum Bulletin is digitalized completely and integrated into a full-text searchable database. Aiming to make the content more accessible to Chinese readers, UDP exclusively adds the Chinese translations in parallel with the English titles. This database collects 50 volumes and 300 articles/dissertations from 1966 to the present. It had been a bi-monthly journal before it changed to publish annually in 2006.

In order to increase the international visibility of the NPM and promote the cultural tourism in Taiwan, this journal focuses on introducing the NPM collections in English. For the global academic communities, National Palace Museum Bulletin plays a significant role of researching Chinese arts and culture developments, where you can find diverse interpretations and new perspectives on our cultural legacy. As an international forum to discuss Chinese arts and the NPM collections, National Palace Museum Bulletin enlarged its academic scope in 2006, aiming for stimulating more dynamic investigations from Chinese humanities to Asian arts, histories and cultures.

The database of  The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art collects 458 issues and 6,330 articles from April 1983, the first issue, to the present. This journal dedicates itself to promoting court arts to the public by accommodating rich photography, unique storytelling, event reports, art reviews on the NPM collections, which wins itself a reputation as the “NPM on paper”. The journal is suitable for academic experts, art professionals and general readers. Besides, it is the most historic museology journal in Taiwan. Ranked at the 3rd place of art discipline, The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art was awarded as the most influential journal of Taiwanese humanities and social sciences by the National Central Library in 2017.

The topics of this monthly journal consist of Chinese calligraphy, paintings, cultural relics, antiques repair, exhibition design, curatorial practices and museum studies. It features many must-see columns such as antique dictionary, appreciation tips, biographies, expo tours and monthly highlight. Finally, the review on new media art exhibitions of the NPM includes the latest curatorial trends in Asian arts and technologies which is definitely something you should keep an eye for.

As the successor of The National Palace Museum Quarterly (July 1966—August 1983,) the database of The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly collects 151 issues and 733 articles/dissertations from September 1983 to the present. With a clear aim of academic research, this periodical puts emphasis on Chinese historical relics, art history, archeological studies and museology whose contributors not only include Chinese-speaking research fellows but also foreign scholars from the globe. The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly has been ranked as the best periodical of history category on THCI Evaluation List for years. Furthermore, The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly was also awarded as the most influential journals of Taiwanese humanities and social sciences at the 2nd place of art category by the National Central Library in 2017.

Initiated from July 1966 to 1983, the National Palace Museum Quarterly was the first periodical published by National Palace Museum which welcomed scholars to contribute from Taiwan and from the abroad. This database includes 68 issues and 335 articles/dissertations with a focus on cultural relics, art history, bibliography, archeological science and technology. You can find the English summaries at the end of each issue. In September 1983, this academic journal changed its name to “The National Palace Museum Research Quarterly” in order to differentiate with The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art, which newly released and targeted at the general readers.


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