2015 edition of Association for Asian Studies Conference (AAS) and the annual meeting of Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) took place in Chicago. UDP was invited by our strategic alliance, East View Information Service, who is the leading provider of multi-language databases and the biggest distributor for Chinese databases in North America. They are also the agency for Tsinghua Tongfang (CNKI) and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Pishu database) in North America.

UDP also partners with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as their sole agent in Taiwan for “One Belt One Road,” “Pishu,” “Countries, Regions and Global Governance” databases. Out Editor-in-Chief Nancy Wuu was more than happy to meet our overseas partners in Chicago. Besides, our Taiwanese partners ─ National Central Library and Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures (ASCDC) ─ also exhibited in 2015 AAS conference, who both have long-term relationships with UDP for many acclaimed collaborations.