2015 AAS-in-ASIA Conference in Academia Sinica

June 22nd, 2015|Categories: Exhibitions, Insights Sharing, Library Visit, Partnership|

The second edition of AAS-in-ASIA was held in Taipei, hosted by Academia Sinica in 2015 June 22-24. AAS-in-ASIA had been growing rapidly by bridging the Asian specialists from abroad and researchers in Asia together. It was a great pleasure for UDP to participate in the conference which enabled us to provide the best resource suggestions to suit the scholars’ needs.

2014 UDP Presented Sinica Sinoweb at Frankfurter Buchmesse

October 25th, 2014|Categories: Exhibitions, New Product, Partnership|

UDP was proudly to present Sinica Sinoweb and launch the book of《Unpublished Speech Drafts by Mou Zongsan》at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important international trading venue for content of all kinds — from novels and children's books to scientific databases. We’re honored to be selected as the Copyright Promotion Ambassador by the Ministry of Culture. UDP was the sole digital database company in Taiwan Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair.

East View President Visit National Central Library

July 28th, 2014|Categories: Insights Sharing, Partnership|

As the biggest distributor for Chinese databases in North America, Kent D. Lee, the president/CEO of East View Information Services, and Jeff Strandberg, the marketing manager of Asian region at East View, visited the National Central Library with Nancy Wuu, our Editor-in-Chief.

2013 “Economic Daily News” Pioneer UDP: 20-year Dedication to Digital Publicaitons

October 20th, 2013|Categories: New Product|

When the emerging technologies have dramatically changed people’s behavior of reading, researching and purchasing, ‘digital publications’ became the new niche market where UDP has been devoted 20 years to producing high-quality digital archives for the disciplines of Sinology, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Book Series for Chinese Humanities Seminar at Tamkang University

March 23rd, 2013|Categories: Insights Sharing|

The digital archiving seminar for the book series of Chinese Humanities took places at the Department of Chinese Literature in Tamkang University. Nancy Wuu, the Editor-in-Chief of UDP, participated in the seminar to discuss the publication launch plan.

UDP Exhibited Lionart Digital Archive in IT Month

December 1st, 2012|Categories: New Product|

The IT Month (Information Technology Month) was held by Institute for Information Industry and several technology associated organizations, such as: Taipei Computer Association. UDP was invited by the former to present Lionart Digital Archive. The publications on artistic cultures from Hong-gah Museum, and the awarded posters from Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines were also exhibited on-site.

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