Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection


The database collects 4,268 significant, classical pieces of calligraphy/inscriptions and 1.7 million characters in various forms, integrating single-character photos, full-work images, and annotations within the full-text search engine. It consists of the pieces of 700 calligraphers, 1.7 million characters and annotations. There are 2 sub-databases within the collection: the “Full Work Database” and the “Single Character Database.” Both of them are built by Unicode, therefore the variant Chinese characters are able to be found in the platform. This collection features its high search efficiency on ancient characters, which can be widely applied to philology studies, education, appreciation and daily practice.

Full Work Database: Enjoy the configuration of the whole piece

In the “Full Work Database,” users can promptly find different calligraphers’ works from different dynasties, compare their styles, and enjoy the glamorous Chinese characters via search engine. It’s convenient for users to apply these character files to their own works, such as: name card, signboard, advertisement design, while blending Chinese art into their daily lives.

Single Character Database: All-inclusive selection featuring rare masterpieces

The other is the “Single Character Database,” in which every character reserves its original look, charm and feeling. Based on the “Calligraphy Dictionary” published in 1963 in Japan, this sub-database mainly contains the works in Regular script, Cursive script and Semi-cursive script; while some great works in Clerical script and Seal script are also selected in the collection. Furthermore, it features some masterpieces in Clerical script of Han Dynasty and in Cursive script of Jin Dynasty which are hard to find in other databases of it kind.

The comprehensive compilation makes the whole collection much higher value either for artistic appreciation, media applications or research purposes.



700 calligraphers, 4,268 calligraphic works, 1.7 million characters from Shang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty.

● Built by Unicode, all the ancient variant Chinese characters could be found.

● “Full-Work database” and “Single-Character database,” 2 sub-divisions within 1 collection increase the usability and search efficiency.

● Masterpieces of high artistic value in diverse styles of Chinese calligraphy, including: Regular script, Cursive script, Semi-cursive script, Clerical script and Seal script.