Chinese Social Sciences Library


China Social Science Press (CSSP) is a national level publisher, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It specialises in academic publications, especially in the field of philosophy, humanities and social sciences. According to Chinese Book Citation Index (CBKCI), produced by Nanjing University (Institute for Chinese Social Sciences Research and Assessment), CSSP was ranked 4th among other 600 publishing houses in China. Furthermore, CSSP was ranked 1st as the most influential Chinese library oversea, based on the report by Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). In 2018, CSSP decided to compile its supreme publications to produce the digital database ─ Chinese Social Sciences Library.

This database accommodates enormous publications, including: 25,500 books, 1.02 million record, 1.33 million images and 1.3 billion characters. The collection has wide rage of academic resource from philosophy, religion, history, archaeology, literature, art, population, society, ethnic groups of boarder, politics, law, business management, to education and communication. Apart from the collection of humanities and social sciences, it also compiles the publications from other disciplines, such as: natural science, mathematical science, chemistry, astronomy, medicine, sanitation, industrial technology and so on.

Additionally, most of them are the latest books which were published within 5 years.At least 2,500 titles would be updated into the database every year. Besides the academic books, it also publishes popular readings, aiming for providing the innovative ideas to the public. This e-book collection consists of global history, popular science, political economy, philosophy and culture. Each e-book is full-text searchable within the digital platform.

Every e-book could be bought separately, and every purchased could be customised based on your needs. For example, you could only purchase 1 sub-databases among others, or choose the books, research papers, and pictures of your choice. UDP could provide further e-book information and the price list for these 12 academic sub-databases (see the left picture), please feel free to contact us here.



● 2500 new titles are updated in the database annually.

● Every e-book in the collection is full-text searchable.

Keywords are marked to the paragraph, save your time to find accurate results!

● Hard-to-digitise resources could be found here, such as: Oracle bone scripts, ancient pictographs, Tangut scripts, and the languages of ethnic minorities.