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Russia has the largest territory in the world. With its imperial and communist history, it has become one of the superpower countries in international relations. Its governmental strategy, development, and political situation could influence the whole of Asia and the world. Therefore, Russian studies are also important for Taiwanese. UDP collects a series of Russian related databases for Taiwanese people and institutions. Despite more than 60 of them are in Russian, this page introduces 10 English databases particularly. It includes politics, diplomacy, religion, women, military, and newspapers, which offers diverse perspectives for users to understand Russia.

UDP now have over 160 themed databases, including Russian, Ukranian, and European.

Moscow News

1930 – 2014

Founded with utopian zeal and aimed at expatriates, Moscow News chronicled tectonic shifts that swept over Russia during the past lifetime. Moscow News offers a window in English toward a better understanding of the political and social upheavals in the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, providing a unique record of how the media adapted to the tumult that shook the USSR and the Russian Federation, from Stalin to Putin.

International Affairs

1955 – Now

International Affairs is a Russian Journal of World Politics, Diplomacy and International Relations.

Offering unique, first-hand analysis of major foreign policy and security issues facing Russia and other former Soviet republics, this internationally renowned journal is the English translation of the Russian-language journal Mezhdunarodnaia zhizn, which is published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Far Eastern Affairs

1974 – Now

Far Eastern Affairs is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Published by East View since 2002, the journal provides in-depth multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary discussion of Russia’s relations with China, Japan, North and South Korea, as well as other countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

Voennaia mysl’

(Military Thought) 1990 – Now

The year 2018 marked the 100th-year anniversary of Voennaia mysl’ (Military Thought), generally regarded as the most authoritative military-theoretical journal in the USSR and subsequently post-Soviet Russia. Established in 1918, a year after the October Revolution, it has attracted military strategists and theoreticians from the top echelons of the Soviet and Russian military and its various branches, having become the topmost vehicle for the articulation of various Soviet and Russian military doctrines.

The Current Digest of the Russian Press

1945 – Now

For nearly 70 years, The Current Digest has selected content on the most important issues from the most authoritative Soviet and Russian newspapers and translated it into English. It is the only consistently published journal to document post-World War II history, from the testing of the Soviet atomic bomb to the collapse of an empire, to the present day.

Soviet Women

1945 – 1991

Established in the aftermath of WWII in 1945, the magazine Soviet Woman proclaimed on the cover of its first issue its fundamental mission: “A magazine devoted to social and political problems,literature and art…” Originally published in English, Russian, German, and French, it began as a bimonthly illustrated magazine tasked with countering anti-Soviet propaganda by introducing Western audiences to the lifestyle of Soviet women, including their role in the post-WWII rebuilding of the Soviet economy, and their achievements in the arts and the sciences.

Muslims of the Soviet East

1974 – 1990

Established in 1968 by the Muslim Religious Board for Central Asia and Kazakhstan, Muslims of the Soviet East was the only Islamic periodical carrying the official seal of approval of the Soviet government. Published originally in Uzbek, the journal expanded its linguistic base in the following years, adding Arabic (1969), French and English (1974), Farsi (1980), and Dari (1984). A Russian version would come along surprisingly late, only in 1990, one year before its closure. East View offers the English edition only.

World News Connection

1995 – 2013

World News Connection started in 1995 by providing access to open-source materials from around the world ─ selected and methodically translated into English by analysts from the U.S. Government’s domestic and overseas bureaus. Daily updates were sourced from newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts, online sources, conference proceedings, periodicals, and non-classified reports, and offered timely coverage of the latest socioeconomic, political, scientific, technical, and environmental issues and events. Ultimately World News Connection grew to include over 500 news sources from over 130 countries.These daily updates were discontinued after December 31, 2013.

Moscow Defense Brief

2004 – 2018 (With special issue in 2019)

Published from 2004 to 2018 by the highly-regarded, Moscow-based, non-government think tank, the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), Moscow Defense Brief was an an English-language journal and an important resource for researchers to gain insight into the inner workings of Russia’s military and defense industry. Moscow Defense Brief went beyond aggregation and commentary, delivering unique value as an independent Russian source of unbiased analysis on all aspects of Russia’s military policies and defense industry activities.

Regular issues of Moscow Defense Brief ceased in 2018 with one special issue published in 2019. This journal has been an important resource for foreign governments, policy makers, political and economic experts, defense industry stakeholders, and a wide range of researchers interested in Russian and/or CIS affairs.

Social Sciences

1970 – Now

Founded in 1970, this periodical was a tool for promoting the communist approach to social sciences worldwide. Since Gorbachev’s perestroika, however, Social Sciences turned into a vivid chronicle of the collapse of the old communist dogmas and the transition to new ways of approaching social, economic and historical issues. Nowadays, this journal presents the most prominent papers and studies appearing in the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium journal Social Sciences and the Contemporary World. Covering the most pressing issues of Russia’s social and economic development, Social Sciences includes articles on philosophy, history, economics, politics, sociology, law, philology, psychology, ethnography, archaeology, literature and culture.



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