From China to Taiwan: Founded by the Luminaries of Academia Sinica

Initiated in 1950 by luminaries of Academia Sinica, including the likes of Zhu Jia-Hua and Dong Zuo-Bin, The Continent Magazine gracefully spanned over half a century, producing 867 noteworthy issues until its conclusion in 2002. It stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of thoughts woven by eminent sinologists of the era. Rooted in China but flourishing in Taiwan, the journal encapsulated global Sinology contributions, post-1950. While it held a particular reverence for history, its pages also elegantly danced with topics ranging from literature and philosophy to law, politics, and the sciences. Its foundational ethos, eloquently stated in its inaugural editorial, sought to bridge the cultural chasm that arose in the wake of the Communist ascension in mainland China.



Founded by academicians of Academia Sinica

● Collecting contemporary master sinologists’ thought context and era issues

● Containing half century of research achievement of global learned scholars

● Including literature, philology, history, philosophy, art, law, politics, sociology, agriculture, geology

● Exclusive Taiwanese classics, full image / full text searchable