The new “Taiwan Academic Classics” platform integrates the latest Elasticsearch and contemporary design concepts to modernize the Sinological culture’s image giving ancient classics & manuscripts a brand new look. Not only does this increase search accuracy within the database, but it also provides a soothing experience while re-exploring the beauty of Sinology.

Founded in 1997, the “United Digital Publications Co., Ltd” has always self-regarded as a “Taiwanese brand of quality Humanities and Social Sciences databases.” The “Taiwan Academic Classics”  is a platform that contains 320 journals, 150,000 papers, 2.1 billion words of literature content. It consists of nine databases including “Taiwan Journals Search,” “Sinica Sinoweb,” “Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archive,” “Modern China Database,” “Biaodian Gujin Tushu Jicheng,” “Taiwan Wenxian Congkan,” “Taiwan Wenxian Congkan: Continuation,” “Lionart Digital Archive” and “Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection,” By offering the cross-database full-text search feature, this platform has thus been a popular research tool among scholars of Humanities and Social Sciences globally. Therefore, its user interface was able to make a quantum leap in its aesthetics, functionality, and info-display quality.

  1. Contemporary Sinology style for the design

The combination of modern design and the beauty of the Sinological culture breathed a new life into ancient books and classics. The banner of “Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection” blends the Japanese Zen design concept of Wabi-sabi to convey the state of simplicity and tranquility while pursuing the art of calligraphy. Looking no more quaint as in the past, we believe that Sinology databases can also reflect the beauty of the oriental culture through modern design.

  1. Close to your Google search habit

The new platform’s search interface adopts Google-like search technology, which enables users to search more intuitively. Apart from the search logic such as “and” and “or” emphasized in the previous database search, advanced search adds the search logic of “must”, “must not”, and “should” to help users search the target content more accurately.

  1. Cross databases search in one-click × keyword positioning tracking

The new platform provides a “cross-database” search feature, which lets users search for the same set of keywords across all databases with one-click instead of switching pages and repeat the same operation. Meanwhile, it also provides a keyword position tracking feature, which automatically marks keywords in red and shows the paragraph where it appears. Therefore, it improves users’ researching productivity and user experience.

  1. New search technology & straightforward UX

This new platform adopts the Responsive Web Design for its frontend, which renders web-layout according to the user’s browser’s size. On the other hand, the layout follows the Google Material Design Guideline to offer a more intuitive user experience. By leveraging the sophisticated full-text database engine ─ Elasticsearch, this new platform provides users the best full-text search experience you had ever have before.

With 30 years of dedication in Humanities and Social Science databases, the “United Digital Publications Co., Ltd” strives to help customers save time by providing a large content variety with high content accuracy. But also, we support scholars in exploring the beauty of Sinology. The new release’s official announcement is at the end of January. Meanwhile, we will provide an upgrading plan for the customer with the old version platform with further notice in the future.

Welcome to apply for an upgrade as soon as possible to enjoy a more intuitive exploration in Sinology!

Please reach out to our regional distributor for any inquiry.

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