An Interview with Zhang Lu: Testimony on AI Image Search

The platform's unique "image search" feature is worth mentioning. This innovative tool allows researchers to conduct visual comparisons and explorations of artworks, in addition to standard text searches. Zhang shares three representative research outcomes below, which is achieved by using the "image search" feature on the "National Palace Museum Journal Database."

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【EACS 2022】The Crown Jewels of Sinology in Taiwan

“National Palace Museum“ and “Academia Sinica” have always been acknowledged as the “two crown jewels of sinology in Taiwan”. Now they have been officially integrated into one single platform, “Taiwan Academic Classics (TAC)”, in which “Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines” as well as other most relevant classics are also made available. These journal/magazine databases jointly collect many Taiwanese milestone classics from 1949 to present, witnessing Taiwanese developments and transitions in society, culture, democracy and academic thought. If you are planning to attend the 2022 EACS Conference in Olomouc, Czech Republic, you will be able to experience in person these brilliant databases, the pearls of sinology from Taiwan. You are most welcome to visit UDP’s exhibition booth, please join us to delve into the Chinese intellectual world through Taiwan Academic Classics!

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National Palace Museum Journals Archive is Online!

Over the past 12 months of preparations, the United Digital Publications proudly announce that the National Palace Museum Journals Archive is officially online! Over the past 20 years, National Palace Museum Journals Archive is globally recognized as the crown jewels of Sinology in Taiwan with Academia Sinica's journals. The  4-in-1 Archive inherits the full-text searchable feature and includes black-and-white to color picture functionality.

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The Continent Magazine Archive: the journal assembling worldwide sinologists’ contributions after 1950

After the new “Taiwan Academic Classics” platform was launched for one month, the United Digital Publications, self-regarding as a "Taiwanese brand of quality Humanities and Social Sciences databases, will make one new product “The Continent Magazine Archive” be the 10th database on “Taiwan Academic Classics” platform.

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Taiwan Academic Classics – When Sinology Matches Tech!

The new "Taiwan Academic Classics" platform integrates the latest Elasticsearch and contemporary design concepts to modernize the Sinological culture's image giving ancient classics & manuscripts a brand new look. Not only does this increase search accuracy within the database, but it also provides a soothing experience while re-exploring the beauty of Sinology.

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2014 UDP Presented Sinica Sinoweb at Frankfurter Buchmesse

UDP was proudly to present Sinica Sinoweb and launch the book of “Unpublished Speech Drafts by Mou Zongsan” at 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair, the most important international trading venue for content of all kinds — from novels and children's books to scientific databases. We’re honored to be selected as the Copyright Promotion Ambassador by the Ministry of Culture. UDP was the sole digital database company in Taiwan Pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair.

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2013 “Economic Daily News” Pioneer UDP: 20-year Dedication to Digital Publicaitons

When the emerging technologies have dramatically changed people’s behavior of reading, researching and purchasing, ‘digital publications’ became the new niche market where UDP has been devoted 20 years to producing high-quality digital archives for the disciplines of Sinology, Humanities and Social Sciences.

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UDP Exhibited Lionart Digital Archive in IT Month

The IT Month (Information Technology Month) was held by Institute for Information Industry and several technology associated organizations, such as: Taipei Computer Association. UDP was invited by the former to present Lionart Digital Archive. The publications on artistic cultures from Hong-gah Museum, and the awarded posters from Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines were also exhibited on-site.

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2012 UDP Exhibited at Tokyo International Book Fair

Invited by Taipei Computer Association, UDP was honored to present our digital archives and inter-database research platform at 2012 Tokyo International Book Fair ─ the world’s largest trade show for e-Book Devices, Content and Technologies.

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2011 UDP and Lionart Publications Enterprise Officially Launch “Lionart Digital Archive”

“Lionart Monthly” released its first issue in 1971 and had published 307 issues, 44 million characters in total, which well documented the dynamic developments of arts, politics and cultures in Taiwan from 1970s to 1990s. Not only the complete content had been digitized by UDP, but the 3 classical bestsellers within the “Lionart Monthly” magazine — “Chinese Art Dictionary,” “Western Art Dictionary” and “Taiwanese Art Yearbook” — were also integrated in Lionart Digital Archive in 2011. This archive is an exciting collaboration between UDP and Lionart Publications Enterprise, who have the same vision to preserve the great artworks and cultural legacies for the next generation.

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